Tyneham with Worbarrow Then & Now
Gordon Lewis

Published 2016 - Createspace Publishing, UK & USA - 72 pages
RRP 5.99

In 1943 the inhabitants of the parish of Tyneham, including the nearby hamlet of Worbarrow, were given just over one month to evacuate their homes.  Today derelict buildings pay tribute to the sacrifice made by this Dorset village.  Historic photographs have been matched to more recent images to compare what remains and, perhaps more importantly, has been destroyed.

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Imber Then & Now
Gordon Lewis
Published 2015 - Createspace Publishing, UK & USA - 64 pages
RRP 5.99
Historic images of Imber, Wiltshire taken before the 1943 evacuation are matched to more recent photographs that reveal how little remains of the village to day as well has how much damage was done to those buildings that have survived, including Imber Court, The Bell Inn and Seagram's Farm.  Also included are short biographies of four Imber residents that complement the story of "Imber Then & Now"
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Dolly's Imber (Updated & Revised Edition)
Gordon Lewis
Published 2015 - Rebbeck Cards, Southampton - 24 pages
RRP 3.99
This 24 page illustrated booklet records the childhood memories of Dorothy "Dolly" Rebbeck who spent ten years of her childhood living in the now deserted Wiltshire village of Imber.  An idyllic existence seen through the eyes of a child.
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Limb and Blood - the story of a Wiltshire family
Gordon Lewis
Published 1995 - Bedeguar Books, Warminster - 64 pages
RRP 4.99
Eleven short chapters document the author's family history from the late 1400's through to the 20th century.  The Stump family of Malmesbury form the basis for this book, but there are also chapters on Sir John Ayliffe and his descendants, the Lewis family of Brinkworth, a mysterious child murder at Littlecote House and the memories of the author's father, Mervyn Lewis (1915-1991).
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