A stump shall arise

The youngest of six children, Gordon developed an interest in Genealogy during his teenage years when asked to complete a school project detailing his near ancestors.  Discovering that his family were connected with some of England’s wealthiest households, Gordon’s excitement was instantly fuelled.  More than 30 years later, he is still continuing to reveal the secrets of a long forgotten past.

Beginning his career in international logistics at the age of 16, Gordon found himself seeking a new direction almost 20 years ago and studied Theology at La Sainte Union College of Higher Education, where he was awarded with a 2:1 Honours degree by the University of Southampton.  As a Christian, Gordon thoroughly enjoyed his degree, although it was the historical combinations of church, society and state that continued to interest him most.

After graduating, Gordon worked for a Hampshire rehabilitation project where he supported recovering alcoholics develop independent living and employment opportunities.  After one year, Gordon accepted an appointment as a Careers Adviser and, for almost 14 years, has provided careers information, advice and guidance to teenagers who are facing important decisions about their own future.  Alongside this, Gordon has worked as a non-vocational tutor in adult education at a popular college.

Married with three adult children, Gordon has developed many of his diverse interests into visual presentations that are suited to groups of all ages and abilities.  One of his talks has also featured on ITV’s flagship daytime programme, “This Morning”, and he has regularly appeared in the national and local press.  From the Eurovision Song Contest, where Gordon has worked as a freelance journalist, to keeping ferrets which he does with his youngest daughter, there really is something for everyone!

So why has Gordon chosen the words “a stump shall arise” for his slogan?  The answer is simple.  Being descended from the Stump family of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, Gordon not only has a family tree, but is descended from the family tree Stump as well!  He also has a Jewish ancestry and the slogan has been adapted from Isaiah 11:1.

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